danitapgh (danitapgh) wrote,

A conservative you could love to hate..

Jim Inhofe is a very conservative Republican senator from Oklahoma. He voted against McCain's bill which would ban torture. He is also a global warming denier with a terrible environmental voting record from the league of conservation voters. He invited Michael Crichton to testify before the senate as the star witness for the climate change skeptics. James Inhofe is kind of like a mini George W. Bush running around the senate...

But, Inhofe is up for re-election this year...

Currently, a DFA endorsed candidate Andrew Rice is running against him. Andrew lost his brother in the September 11th attacks. He is now running for the Senate because he feels that the federal government is not really using common sense in its policies when it comes to protecting our nation.

I decided to donate some money to help Andrew Rice with his campaign. If you also feel he is a worthy candidate, I would encourage you to send a small contribution his way...

Why should you give money to someone in Oklahoma? Because if you don't, folks in the oil and gas and coal industries will...
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