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I've had bad dreams... So bad, I threw my pillow away...

I had a dream the other night... I dreamt I was at work. We had a new employee who worked on the other side of the cubicle wall. This new person was very difficult to get along with. If you brought him a question that he deemed beneath him, he would chew you out. Yell, really yell at you. I'm talking Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet kind of Rage. I guess some of the co-workers started complaining about this behavior. He went into my boss's office and came back out. He was placid. No yelling came from the other side of the cube wall. Nothing. Not a peep. Then, one day, there were rumors floating around the office that our CEO left. Others in upper management started to leave one by one... There was that feeling that no one knew who was really running things anymore. A dark cloud of organizational anarchy started to hang in the air. People still went to the cube across the wall with questions still trying to get things done despite the vacuum of purpose. Every now and then, I would overhear a question being asked which wasn't very well thought out. I started to notice that people who asked the not so thought out questions wouldn't come back out of the row of cubes again. But, there was no yelling. Nothing but silence. Then, curiosity got the better of me. I peeked my head around the corner to see where everyone had gone.. There was a pile of dead bodies at the end of the cube row. I saw an unwitting questioner with a bullet hole through his head.
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